SBaldrick's The Red Hand of Doom

The End

The End

Everyone but Kari the summoner died in the final battle with High Wyrmlord Azarr Kul and the the aspect of Tiamat that arrived immediately after the Azarr Kul was slain by the summoner’s griffin. Trallis Zwan, and Doren Caskbreaker both died at the hand of Azarr Kul and Arya Lightfoot refused to run when the aspect of Tiamat arrived. Arya’s will to stand her ground allowed Kari to escape and warn the world that all though Azarr Kul’s plan of opening a permanent Gate to Tiamat’s realm in Hell had been thwarted, the horrible aspect of Tiamat was still on the loose and roaming the Wyrmsmoke Mountains.

Trallis Zawan, Doren Caskbreaker and Arya Lightfoot now rest in the Hall of Heroes.


SBaldrick SBaldrick

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